Luxury Grooming Lounge for Men


It’s time to “unthink everything you know about men’s grooming.” At Hammer & Nails, we offer premium hair services and luxurious hand and foot treatments nationwide. Our high-quality, full-service grooming lounge provides an extraordinary experience for men. We have everything from classic haircuts and facial shaves to face care and foot care. When you become a Hammer & Nails member, you get to enjoy elite services and curated spirits in a unique environment. It’s time to elevate how men look after themselves by offering premium services in a relaxed place. We’re excited to tell you all about the Hammer & Nails experience. Join us today!

Who We Are 

Hammer & Nails believes that unthinking men’s care is a team sport. Behind home and work, we want to be the third place in your life. We’re proud to be a unique team on a mission to change how the world thinks about men’s grooming. Men deserve a place to get total man care, make friends, and relax. We’re Artists dedicated to helping men look and feel their best. We’re proud to be builders and creators, diverse and multi-faceted, coastal and heartland, and committed to our craft.

Catering to the Extraordinary Man

We know men work hard and want to reward you. We welcome you into our relaxing environment if you’re a man that wants to live a better life. We want you to walk into our establishment with pride. You may have achieved great things, or you may be on the way up. We cater to men who may have experienced grooming services before but never to this caliber. We believe you should have a place to call your own where you can relax and enjoy a peaceful time of self care. We offer drinks on the rocks and that special place to unwind after a long day. We believe the Extraordinary Man comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, and orientations.

What to Expect at Hammer & Nails

The Hammer & Nails experience will help you understand the importance of total man care. We offer a complimentary beverage and a warm smile when you enter the door. One of our Artists will whisk you away to a relaxing environment curated with men in mind. Each of our services offers different experiences, but the bottom line is always about relaxation and unplugging. Your comfort and relaxation are our number one priority. You can put your mind on airplane mode with bison leather chairs, Bose headphones, and individual TVs.

Why Do I Need to Unthink Men’s Care?

The masculine stereotype doesn’t often take time to care for themselves. Men’s needs are big and bold. We believe in celebrating and fulfilling those needs. Men need hand care and foot care filled with moisturizing and exfoliating. We want to unthink men’s care by offering a space far from take-a-number haircut farms and pedicure stations. We want you to take time for yourself and maybe find the secret ingredient for life. We offer a Grooming Lounge where you can be yourself and get the pampering you deserve. It’s time to give men’s care the spotlight and a good drink.

Hammer & Nails Services

Our Artists offer premium hair and care services for men. Some of our most popular services include:

Classic Cut – If you need regular hair maintenance with a shampoo and conditioned scalp massage, a classic cut is perfect for you.

Classic Face or Head Shave – Step back in time with our foam, essential oil-infused towels, straight razor shave, and cooling massage for a classic shave. 

Classic Beard Grooming – We groom beards with straight razor outlines, reshaping, conditioning, styling, and oil-infused hot towels.

Classic Grey Camo – We’ll help you rewind time with subtle color.

Classic Manicure – We offer first-rate hand care with comprehensive nail care, hand and forearm massage, and a warm soak.

Classic Pedicure – Enjoy foot care with callus maintenance, nail care, and a warm soak.

Premium Cut – Our premium hair cutting experience includes additional time for finishing details, straight razor outlines, and an aftershave massage.

Premium Face or Head Shave – Our premium face or head shave includes the classic shave with additional exfoliation, hydration, and cleansing.

Premium Beard Grooming – Relax with our premium beard grooming services that include the classics with exfoliating cleanses, a facial massage, a rich oil massage, and a charcoal mask.

Premium Manicure – Our hand care services provide premium nail care, warm soaks, a peppermint sugar scrub, massage, and warm paraffin.

Premium Pedicure – Kick up your feet for premium foot care with exfoliation, hydration, callus resurfacing, peppermint sugar scrubs, and a massage.

Essential Tea Tree Pedicure – Our Tea Tree foot care treatment includes a tea tree oil-infused soak and sugar scrub, foot massage, callus resurfacing, and restorative nail care.

Sports Pedicure – We take additional time to alternate between a series of hot and cold foot treatments, a mint clay mask, and a cooling foot balm massage on top of our premium foot care treatment.

The Hops and Cedar Experience – If you love beer, you’ll love this Premium Manicure and Pedicure combination that includes a beer and cedarwood oil-infused soak, sugar scrub, callus resurfacing, sugar scrub, nail care, massage, warm paraffin, and our hot towel wrap.

The Big Daddy Experience – Get treated like a king with our most popular hand & foot experience that includes a lemon and peppermint-infused Premium Manicure and Pedicure combination with all the bells and whistles.

The Milk and Honey – Our Milk and Honey Premium Manicure and Pedicure combination includes a coconut milk-infused soak, honey-infused sugar scrub, callus resurfacing, and a massage.

Luxe 24K Hand Care – The luxurious French lavender and 24k gold-infused Luxe MANicure includes a cooling CBD massage, hot stone massage, rich paraffin treatment, and oil-infused steamed towels.

Luxe 24K Foot Care – Relieve tension in your feet and lower legs with a hot stone massage and enjoy the anti-inflammatory properties of 24k gold combined with the relaxing French lavender scent.

Luxe 24K Haircut Experience – One of our senior certified Artists tends to your hair with amazing finishing details, a straight razor outline, neck massage, CBD-infused scalp massage, and a 24k gold mask.

Become a Hammer & Nails Member

Become a Member of our Hammer & Nails family today! Each Grooming Lounge has a limited number of Memberships to ensure you stay our top priority. We have a VIP Members option where you can experience the best-in-class Premium services and curated spirits during your services. Our VIPs get Premium services with aromatherapy steamed towels, custom technical detailing, and extended massage times. Our Classic Club is perfect for the extraordinary man that loves regular maintenance and craves our unforgettable experience. Classic Members let you save on maintenance services twice per month with additional savings on retail products. You can share access with your friends and family with all of our Memberships. Apply to become a Member today!

Enjoy the Hammer & Nails Experience Today

When you’re ready to enjoy men’s care on another level, visit us as a guest or apply to be a Member. Our Artists are here to help you look and feel your best. Whether you want to relax with a simple haircut or sit back for foot care, we’re here for you. We offer gift cards to give the gift of self care to the favorite man in your life. Experience the difference of our luxurious grooming lounge for men. Find a location today in your area to schedule an appointment!


Why Men Should Get Manicures and Pedicures

Think manicures and pedicures are just for women? Think again! Taking care of your fingernails and toenails doesn’t have to involve acrylics or hot pink polish—the focus for men is on achieving healthy, attractive hands and feet. If you’re ready to put the “man” in mani-pedi, learn about the benefits of hand and foot care for men.

  • Prevent ingrown toenails: Improper grooming and trimming is one of the most common causes of painful ingrown toenails. With a professional in charge of the clippers, you’re less likely to develop a problem. If you’re prone to ingrown nails, feel free to ask for advice about what kind of shoes to wear and other helpful tips.
  • Prevent overgrown cuticles and hangnails: During a hand care treatment, the Artist serving you will clip, file, nip, and buff your nails. By carefully wielding high-quality nail grooming tools, you can expect overgrown cuticles and hangnails to become a thing of the past.
  • Enjoy smoother, softer skin: The soles of your feet are prone to calluses. So are your palms, especially if you work with your hands. Manicures and pedicures often include callus resurfacing to remove dead skin and reveal a smoother layer beneath. You (and your significant other) will enjoy the renewed softness.
  • Sport a well-groomed look: People are attracted to others who care about their appearance. Clean, trimmed, buffed nails show the world that you take pride in how you look. And when you look good, you feel good, so it’s a win-win situation.
  • Get pampered: Mani-pedis aren’t just about going home with attractive nails—they also provide pampering treatments like warm hand and foot soaks, hot towel wraps, sugar scrubs, and warm paraffin therapy. Once you enjoy the star treatment for yourself, you may decide to return just because of how good it felt!
  • Increase your circulation: The massage included with your treatment is one of the best parts of hand and foot care. Manicures come with a hand and forearm massage, while pedicures include a foot and calf massage. Not only is this relaxing, but it also relieves sore muscles and improves circulation to your hands and feet.
  • Make your feet smell better: No one finds smelly feet attractive. But no matter how often you shower, a layer of dead skin continues to feed the naturally occurring bacteria on your feet, causing embarrassing foot odor. Luckily, a foot care Artist can eliminate any buildup contributing to the smell and apply a fragrant—but manly—cream to make your feet look and smell great.

At Hammer & Nails, we know that men’s grooming needs differ from women’s. That’s why we offer hand and foot care services specifically catered to guys. Choose from classic, premium, and luxe treatments to fit your needs and budget. Or sign up for a membership to our luxury grooming lounge. When you’re ready to be pampered, head to one of our 18+ locations, and be prepared to unthink everything you know about men’s

Men’s Grooming Trends 2022

As more and more men recognize the value of face care, hand care, and foot care, the world of personal grooming is becoming less and less dominated by women. Indeed, many services these days are specifically catered to men. At grooming lounges for guys, there are no fluffy pink pillows or floral patterns in sight—just leather recliners and bottles of beer in a comfortable, manly setting.

If you’re the kind of guy who takes pride in looking your best, consider some of the men’s grooming trends taking the world by storm in 2022. The services listed here are available at Hammer & Nails, so come check us out!

  • Extravagant haircuts: Undercuts with long, messy hair on top. Pompadours with short sides and a stylish poof in front. Fade cuts that go from long on top to shaved on the sides in a smooth gradient. All of these trendy men’s haircuts require skill and training to create. Luckily, the Artists at Hammer & Nails have these qualities in spades.
  • Luxurious beard grooming services: Gone are the days when men simply let big, burly beards grow. 2022 is all about meticulously shaped facial hair, with Robert Downey Jr.’s anchor beard and Lewis Hamilton’s chinstrap beard standing out as trendy options. Of course, such styles are best achieved with the help of a beard grooming Artist.
  • Salt-and-pepper camouflage: While some men embrace going grey, others prefer a more youthful look. You can combine the two sentiments with subtle color and saturation in the salt-and-pepper area. A seamless grow-out gently fades to keep the camouflage undetectable.
  • Sports pedicures for men: A leading option in men’s foot care, sports pedicures relieve sore muscles with alternating hot and cold treatments. Additional services—such as callus resurfacing, nail care, a mint clay mask, and a foot massage—complete the sports pedicure for men.
  • Beer foot soaks: This year, beer isn’t just for drinking! 2022 has introduced the trend of soaking your feet in a bath infused with stout and cedarwood oil, leaving beer lovers walking on air.
  • Whiskey-infused services: Beer isn’t the only alcohol with personal grooming benefits. Trendy hand and foot care services for men can also include whiskey-infused “liquid gold” soaks for your fingers and toes. Talk about holding your liquor!
  • 24k manicures for men: Speaking of gold, did you know this precious metal has anti-inflammatory properties that promote anti-aging and cell regeneration? The trend popping up in 2022 is to incorporate 24k gold into hand, foot, and face care for a truly luxurious experience.

At Hammer & Nails, we believe that if you look good, you feel good. That’s why we offer classic, premium, and luxe treatments catered to men’s unique needs. Our Artists can fulfill your luxury grooming requests and offer personalized recommendations at prices you won’t believe! Stop by one of our 18+ locations to learn more, and be prepared to unthink everything you know about men’s grooming.

7 Summer Skincare Tips for Men

It’s easy to let skincare fall by the wayside when your summertime schedule is jam-packed with fun activities. Still, rising temperatures and glaring sunshine can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving you prone to dryness, irritation, and potential sunburn. As a guy who prides himself on looking good in every season, you’ll appreciate these seven summer skincare tips for men.

  1. Wear sunscreen daily: You’re probably tired of hearing it, but wearing sunscreen is the single most important summer skincare tip. It prevents premature wrinkles, sunburn, and skin cancer, so slather it on before heading out. To protect your face without clogging your pores, choose an oil-free, water-based cream or spray with SPF 30 or higher.
  2. Wash your face twice a day: Hot weather means more oily skin. Prevent buildup in your pores by washing your face morning and night. If you’re guilty of using body soap on your face, change your routine now! You’ll get better results with a mild, unscented cleanser.
  3. Take it easy while shaving: To avoid irritation and razor burn, wet your face and apply shaving cream or gel to soften the hairs. Then, shave “with the grain,” using short, gentle strokes. Avoid going over the same area twice, and change the blade after five to seven shaves.
  4. Use a hydrating moisturizer: If you use the cheapest moisturizer you can find, you may be doing yourself a disservice. Change things up by choosing a product specifically tailored to oily summer skin. Apply a thin, even layer after washing and shaving your face to see what a difference long-lasting hydration can make.
  5. Exfoliate more often: You should exfoliate monthly throughout the year, but you might benefit from doing so twice a month in the summer. Simply use a face scrub in place of your regular cleanser to remove dirt, sweat, and oil buildup. Then, consider professional face care at a grooming lounge a few times this summer for an even deeper clean.
  6. Don’t forget about your lips: Lip care is an important part of your summer skincare routine. Wearing lip balm keeps this delicate skin soft. And you get bonus points if you use a product with SPF to prevent sunburn.
  7. Watch for skin changes: You could be at risk for allergic reactions as you introduce new products into your skincare routine this summer. If you experience redness, itching, or rashes, stop using the blameworthy product and try something different. Also, be on the lookout for signs of skin cancer, which may include new lesions or unusual-looking moles.

In addition to trying these at-home skincare tips for men, consider visiting Hammer & Nails this summer for professional skincare services. Our luxury grooming lounge caters to men’s unique needs in a relaxing, manly setting. We believe today’s extraordinary man deserves a grooming experience unlike any other. So stop by one of our 18+ locations, and be prepared to unthink everything you know about men’s grooming.

10 Most Common Men’s Grooming Questions

Have you always wondered about hair care, skin care, shaving, and other elements of men’s grooming? As a man in search of answers, you’ve come to the right place. The Artists at Hammer & Nails have decades of combined experience offering grooming for guys. Over the years, we’ve heard many of the same questions over and over. So we thought we’d compile a list of the 10 most common men’s grooming questions guys like you want to know.

  1. How often should men wash their hair? This is the most common question we get about men’s grooming! Most professionals agree that, in general, you should wash your hair every two to three days.
  2. How often should men get haircuts? Hair grows up to 1/2 inch per month, so for short hairstyles, you may need a haircut every two to three weeks. Longer styles can go two or three months between cuts.
  3. How can men thicken their hair? Simple measures like staying hydrated, switching shampoos, and steering clear of heavy wax styling products may help. Also, never underestimate the power of a hairdryer when adding volume to your style.
  4. How often do men need to shave? Unless your facial hair grows at lightning speed, shaving every two to three days should provide a clean-shaven look. Of course, you might never shave if you have a beard. Instead, plan on trimming every few days to maintain your style.
  5. How can men prevent razor burn? Always shave “with the grain,” paying special attention to the neck, where hair often grows in different directions. Use short strokes, avoid going over the same area twice, and change the blade every two weeks.
  6. Should men style their eyebrows? While they may not need the same degree of attention as a woman’s brows, we highly recommend eyebrow care for men. Waxing is the most effective option, but tweezing and trimming with high-quality tweezers and precision-tip scissors can maintain tidy brows between visits.
  7. How do men treat dry skin? The key to hydrating your skin without clogging your pores is to wash with gentle cleanser and apply oil-free moisturizer twice a day.
  8. How do men fight wrinkles? Moisturizer helps, but it’s also crucial to cut back on the three S’s—sun, smoking, and sugar. Wearing sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher when you go outside also keeps premature wrinkles at bay.
  9. What can men do to prevent dark circles? First, get enough sleep. Then, apply cream with light-reflecting particles right below your eyes. When that’s not enough, cover stubborn dark circles with skin-colored concealer.
  10. Should men get manicures and pedicures? Absolutely! Feel free to add monthly hand and foot care to your routine for healthy, attractive skin and nails.

Are you looking for more personalized tips or help implementing the suggestions above? Stop by Hammer & Nails, where we cater to men’s unique grooming needs in a luxury lounge setting. We currently have 18+ locations nationwide, with many more opening soon. So sit back, relax, and unthink everything you know about men’s grooming.

10 Beard Trends of 2022

Fashion trends come and go by the day, it seems. Luckily, beards grow fast enough to keep up, so you’re free to experiment with new styles as often as you want. Ready to switch up your look in 2022? Adopt one of these 10 beard trends to start turning heads.

  1. The 5 o’clock shadow: Stubble doesn’t always get the love it deserves. But if you let your facial hair grow for a few days and trim it to a uniform 1/4-inch or less, you’ll have a timeless style that complements any look.
  2. The Balbo beard: Need to grow trendy facial hair in no time flat? The versatile Balbo beard has you covered. This look includes a small mustache, soul patch, and neatly trimmed chin beard.
  3. Chinstrap beard: Showcase a strong jawline or define a softer one with a chinstrap beard. Famous people who have donned this style include Abraham Lincoln, Wayne Static, and Lewis Hamilton. Chinstrap beards are surging in popularity in 2022, so there’s never been a better time to try one.
  4. Boxed beard: The sharp lines and contours of a boxed beard give you a well-groomed appearance. This trend is ideal if you want a fancy-looking, full-face beard that’s still relatively easy to maintain.
  5. Chevron mustache: The chevron is a classic style that covers the whole top lip and leaves the rest of the face clean-shaven. Pair the look with a smoldering expression, and you’ll be channeling your inner Tom Selleck in no time.
  6. Verdi beard: For Italian-esque facial hair that sets off everyone’s radar, try this legendary beard. The look is hard to beat with short sides, a rounded bottom, and a bushy mustache curled up on the ends.
  7. Textured beard: Facial hair is coarser than the hair on your head. To show off your natural beard curls, allow the hair to grow without brushing it. Then, add light-hold beard wax and curl the ends with your fingertips to add luscious texture.
  8. Anchor beard: What do Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and Robert Downey Jr. have in common? They’ve all worn an anchor beard. You can, too, with a neat mustache, a pointed beard extending along your jawline, and a thin strip of hair connecting the two.
  9. Tailored beard: Lengthen your face and define your jawline with an attractive tailored beard. It’ll need regular trimming to maintain a manicured look, and professional shampoo is a must to prevent stripping your natural oils.
  10. Full beard: Nothing is more enviable than a long, full beard. But be patient—it takes at least eight weeks to grow one. You’ll also need regular grooming and shaping products to avoid giving off Santa vibes.

Need help finding and curating the perfect beard for you? Visit Hammer & Nails, a luxury grooming lounge catered to men’s unique needs. Our Artists can help define your style with a beard that makes you look your best. Stop by one of our 18+ locations, and be prepared to unthink everything you know about men’s grooming.