05 Mar2022

10 Beard Trends of 2022

by Hammer & Nails

Fashion trends come and go by the day, it seems. Luckily, beards grow fast enough to keep up, so you’re free to experiment with new styles as often as you want. Ready to switch up your look in 2022? Adopt one of these 10 beard trends to start turning heads.

  1. The 5 o’clock shadow: Stubble doesn’t always get the love it deserves. But if you let your facial hair grow for a few days and trim it to a uniform 1/4-inch or less, you’ll have a timeless style that complements any look.
  2. The Balbo beard: Need to grow trendy facial hair in no time flat? The versatile Balbo beard has you covered. This look includes a small mustache, soul patch, and neatly trimmed chin beard.
  3. Chinstrap beard: Showcase a strong jawline or define a softer one with a chinstrap beard. Famous people who have donned this style include Abraham Lincoln, Wayne Static, and Lewis Hamilton. Chinstrap beards are surging in popularity in 2022, so there’s never been a better time to try one.
  4. Boxed beard: The sharp lines and contours of a boxed beard give you a well-groomed appearance. This trend is ideal if you want a fancy-looking, full-face beard that’s still relatively easy to maintain.
  5. Chevron mustache: The chevron is a classic style that covers the whole top lip and leaves the rest of the face clean-shaven. Pair the look with a smoldering expression, and you’ll be channeling your inner Tom Selleck in no time.
  6. Verdi beard: For Italian-esque facial hair that sets off everyone’s radar, try this legendary beard. The look is hard to beat with short sides, a rounded bottom, and a bushy mustache curled up on the ends.
  7. Textured beard: Facial hair is coarser than the hair on your head. To show off your natural beard curls, allow the hair to grow without brushing it. Then, add light-hold beard wax and curl the ends with your fingertips to add luscious texture.
  8. Anchor beard: What do Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and Robert Downey Jr. have in common? They’ve all worn an anchor beard. You can, too, with a neat mustache, a pointed beard extending along your jawline, and a thin strip of hair connecting the two.
  9. Tailored beard: Lengthen your face and define your jawline with an attractive tailored beard. It’ll need regular trimming to maintain a manicured look, and professional shampoo is a must to prevent stripping your natural oils.
  10. Full beard: Nothing is more enviable than a long, full beard. But be patient—it takes at least eight weeks to grow one. You’ll also need regular grooming and shaping products to avoid giving off Santa vibes.

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