We’re Different. Period.

We’ve built a man cave and it has everything you’d expect and more. You get your own TV and remote, top of the line noise cancelling headphones, no bright lights shining in your face, a complimentary frosty beverage, or one with a nice smooth finish, if you’d like (and who wouldn’t)? Every seat you kick back in is custom crafted to our specifications with your comfort being priority number one. Whether it’s the all black, classic barber chair, the hand fabricated seats in our reception area or the oversized and overstuffed leather chairs in the hand and foot grooming room, your gonna feel like a modern day king. And, oh yeah, you can get an amazing manicure, pedicure, haircut or shave to get you on point.


“It’s our goal to treat the client like a king. We don’t provide a service. We provide an experience.”

Michael Elliot – Founder

What Your Buddies are Saying About Us

Gary K.

“Oooooo yeaaahhhh. Had the hand and foot repair treatment. I loved it. Very comfortable setting with very comfortable chairs. I wish I could have stayed longer to take a nap.”

Michael S.

“I went there with a few buddies for a guy's day out and we enjoyed every minute of it! The staff treated us like kings!”

Jamey R.

“Loved this place. Spot on environment. Staff is awesome. Chairs are comfortable and big. Bose Studio headphones to watch anything you want in HD on your own screen. Complimentary drinks. Very reasonably priced. I’ll be here at least once a month.”