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  • Superior Routine
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If you look good, you feel good.

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Our Members know a better you begins with a better routine. When VIP Members join, they experience best-in-class Premium services and curated spirits all while relaxing in an environment designed just for men.

On the go? Our Classic Club is perfect for men who enjoy regular maintenance but still want an elevated experience unavailable anywhere else.

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Each club has a limited number of Memberships to ensure our Members are our priority. Once sold out, we can place you on the waiting list for openings. Move fast as our shops sell out quickly.

Perks of Membership

VIPs enjoy our Premium services, including extended massage time, aromatherapy steamed towels, and custom technical detailing with every visit.

Our Classic Members save on maintenance services twice per month with additional savings on all retail. All of our Memberships allow you to share your access with friends and family.

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Classic Club

  • Two Classic Services per Month
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VIP Club

  • Three Premium Services per Month
  • One Free Add-On per Month
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Club Luxe

  • Unlimited Services for Member
  • One Free Guest Pass
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Membership Benefits

  • No commitment, cancel anytime
  • Premium & Classic Services roll over
  • Share services with family & friends
  • Combine services to upgrade experience
  • Complimentary beverage
  • 20-40%+ on retail and services
  • Complimentary upgrade days

Why our Members rave about our Club

Quality Guaranteed

Why do we limit the number of Memberships sold in each shop? Keeping our Membership exclusive helps us deliver on our promise to treat you like a king with every visit.

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Exceptional Experiences

Every Hammer and Nails service has been crafted with unique elements to guarantee a relaxing and unforgettable visit, every time.

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Welcoming Oasis

Get away from the ordinary and indulge in essential pampering. Be treated like you deserve with a professional and competent team, in an environment that exudes quality and relaxation.

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Priority Access

Jampacked Schedule? No problem. We reserve exclusive booking times for our VIP Members.

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Your experience comes first

Our Membership is uniquely flexible. Services included in Membership plans roll over from month-to-month and can even be shared with a friend. If life gets in the way, you can cancel at any time, no-strings-attached.

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What Our Members Think

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a fee to be a member?

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Each month your Membership dues pay for your included services at a discounted rate and allow you access to exclusive benefits, events, and more. There’s no fee to start or cancel a Membership.

How does it work?

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You select the membership that best fits your grooming needs and apply. Once your application is accepted you receive a set amount of services per month. Your dues are charged monthly.

Is there an annual contract?

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Nope! Scared of commitment? We’ve got you. The Men’s Grooming Club is month-to-month and risk free. Don’t like long-term contracts? Good. Neither do we.

What if I don’t use my services each month?

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For current Members any unused Classic or Premium services roll over each month. Once you pay for them, they’re yours.

Can I share my services with friends?

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Absolutely. Your Classic or Premium services can be transferred into another guest’s profile, at your request. They can even be transferred to a gift card for easy gift ideas for friends and family.

What if I want to cancel?

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No problem. Just stop by your home location or provide written notice and we can cancel your account that day. You will have 60 days from your cancellation date to use your remaining credits

What’s the catch?

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No catch! Seriously. We’re proud to offer a flexible membership with no hidden fees or clauses. We don’t believe in using long-term contracts to trap people into our memberships. We just provide exceptional services and experiences and that’s why our members stay.