13 Apr2022

10 Most Common Men’s Grooming Questions

by Hammer & Nails

Have you always wondered about hair care, skin care, shaving, and other elements of men’s grooming? As a man in search of answers, you’ve come to the right place. The Artists at Hammer & Nails have decades of combined experience offering grooming for guys. Over the years, we’ve heard many of the same questions over and over. So we thought we’d compile a list of the 10 most common men’s grooming questions guys like you want to know.

  1. How often should men wash their hair? This is the most common question we get about men’s grooming! Most professionals agree that, in general, you should wash your hair every two to three days.
  2. How often should men get haircuts? Hair grows up to 1/2 inch per month, so for short hairstyles, you may need a haircut every two to three weeks. Longer styles can go two or three months between cuts.
  3. How can men thicken their hair? Simple measures like staying hydrated, switching shampoos, and steering clear of heavy wax styling products may help. Also, never underestimate the power of a hairdryer when adding volume to your style.
  4. How often do men need to shave? Unless your facial hair grows at lightning speed, shaving every two to three days should provide a clean-shaven look. Of course, you might never shave if you have a beard. Instead, plan on trimming every few days to maintain your style.
  5. How can men prevent razor burn? Always shave “with the grain,” paying special attention to the neck, where hair often grows in different directions. Use short strokes, avoid going over the same area twice, and change the blade every two weeks.
  6. Should men style their eyebrows? While they may not need the same degree of attention as a woman’s brows, we highly recommend eyebrow care for men. Waxing is the most effective option, but tweezing and trimming with high-quality tweezers and precision-tip scissors can maintain tidy brows between visits.
  7. How do men treat dry skin? The key to hydrating your skin without clogging your pores is to wash with gentle cleanser and apply oil-free moisturizer twice a day.
  8. How do men fight wrinkles? Moisturizer helps, but it’s also crucial to cut back on the three S’s—sun, smoking, and sugar. Wearing sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher when you go outside also keeps premature wrinkles at bay.
  9. What can men do to prevent dark circles? First, get enough sleep. Then, apply cream with light-reflecting particles right below your eyes. When that’s not enough, cover stubborn dark circles with skin-colored concealer.
  10. Should men get manicures and pedicures? Absolutely! Feel free to add monthly hand and foot care to your routine for healthy, attractive skin and nails.

Are you looking for more personalized tips or help implementing the suggestions above? Stop by Hammer & Nails, where we cater to men’s unique grooming needs in a luxury lounge setting. We currently have 18+ locations nationwide, with many more opening soon. So sit back, relax, and unthink everything you know about men’s grooming.

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