24 Jun2022

Unparalleled Men’s Grooming Lounge in Gainesville, VA

by Hammer & Nails
Luxury Men’s Grooming in Virginia

Find Your New Hair Stylist at Hammer & Nails

Hammer & Nails in Gainesville, VA, is improving the traditional men’s grooming experience. Our team ensures that everyone unthinks what they know about men’s care. Hammer & Nails offers unrivaled men’s grooming services. When you enter our men’s grooming lounge, one of our concierges will greet you with a smile. After checking in, you will be taken to a private area with an oversized leather chair and a personal TV. You’ll also be able to use noise-canceling headphones while enjoying the spirits of your choice. Our artists ensure that the services you receive are catered to you.

A Men’s Grooming Lounge Tailored to You

The team at Hammer & Nails strives to offer you something different from traditional men’s hair care shops. You get a luxury experience catered to your tastes when you visit us. Our men’s grooming lounge is the perfect place to drink, watch TV, and work with one of our world-class hair stylists. Here are some of the benefits you can expect by choosing Hammer & Nails:


  • Warm greetings from our outstanding concierges
  • A private TV with a comfortable leather chair and noise-canceling headphones
  • Enjoy your favorite beer or spirit while you wait
  • Premier services without the premier cost
  • Access to some of the top hair stylists in the area
  • A unique experience designed with you in mind


Reward Yourself With Our Unrivaled Hair Care Services

Our hair stylists strive to make every grooming service, hair care session or shave a complete experience. Each session is tailored to be a perfect fit for the modern gentleman. Whether you are getting face care, hand care, or foot care, we want you to have a world-class experience. Here is a list of some of our more popular services:

  • The Classic Cut (Members: $44| NonMembers: $55)
  • Classic Face or Head Shave (Members: $44| NonMembers: $55)
  • Classic Face Treatment (Members: $44| NonMembers: $55)
  • Classic Beard Grooming (Members: $44| NonMembers: $55)
  • Classic Grey Camo (Members: $44| NonMembers: $55)
  • Classic Manicure or Pedicure Cut (Members: $44| NonMembers: $55)
  • Hair Cut (Members: $66 | NonMembers: $82.50)
  • Face or Head Shave (Members: $88 | NonMembers: $110)
  • Beard Grooming (Members: $88 | NonMembers: $110)
  • Manicure or Pedicure (Members: $66 | NonMembers: $82.50)
  • Essential Tea Tree Pedicure (Members: $88 | NonMembers: $110)
  • Sports Pedicure (Members: $88 | NonMembers: $110)
  • The Hops and Cedar Experience (Members: $132 | NonMembers: $165)
  • Big Daddy Experience (Members: $132 | NonMembers: $165)
  • The Milk and Honey (Members: $132 | NonMembers: $165)

Gain Access to Our VIP Hair Care Services by Being a Member

We welcome our guests to our men’s grooming lounge the same, but our VIP Members get the highest priority for service. Be sure to ask your hairstylist how to become a Member today. Our VIP guests gain access to our exclusive premium services, such as custom technician detailing and curated spirits. As a bonus, we offer shared Member access with your friends and family. Our classic Members save on maintenance service visits twice per month.

Schedule Your Face Care Session with Hammer & Nails

When you come to Hammer & Nails, we want you to sit back, relax, drink, and enjoy a great haircut. We would love for you to stop by, as we’re located at 13962 Promenade Common St., Suite B-2b, Gainesville, VA 20155. Our shop is open every day, except Tuesday, from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. We always recommend that you make an appointment as our spots can fill up quickly, and we want to guarantee availability.

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