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Men’s Grooming Lounge in Upper Arlington, OH

by Hammer & Nails
Men’s Grooming Lounge in Upper Arlington, OH

At Hammer & Nails, You’re Home

Hammer & Nails is an upscale men’s grooming lounge in Upper Arlington, Ohio. We offer a place where men can get hair care, hand care, face care, and foot care designed for them. Have a brew. Watch the game. Be you! On top of the personalized atmosphere, we have some of the best hairstylists and technicians around. Finally, you’ve found a place where you can enjoy yourself and look your best. Learn more about our men’s grooming lounge.

Expect Excellence When You Visit Our Men’s Grooming Lounge

Visiting Hammer & Nails for the first time is a unique experience for many guys. Most men who visit have trouble returning to a traditional hair care shop when they’ve experienced our premium services and atmosphere. When you visit our men’s grooming lounge, you can expect:

  • A concierge to welcome you when you first enter
  • Your own area with an oversized leather chair, big screen TV, and noise-canceling headphones
  • Some of your favorite alcoholic beverages
  • Luxury treatment without a pretentious price tag
  • Highly skilled hairstylists and nail technicians
  • Customized grooming experiences

Our Services

Customized Male Grooming Experiences
From men’s pedicures to hair care, we offer a lot of men’s grooming services. You may not know where to start if it’s your first visit. Take a look at some of the packages we offer. Look into the Classic Grey Camo Service if you need to brighten your beard. Our men’s grooming services include:

  • The Classic Cut (Members: $36| Nonmembers: $45)
  • Classic Face or Head Shave (Members: $36| Nonmembers: $45)
  • Classic Face Treatment (Members: $36| Nonmembers: $45)
  • Classic Beard Grooming (Members: $36| Nonmembers: $45)
  • Classic Grey Camo (Members: $36| Nonmembers: $45)
  • Classic Manicure or Pedicure (Members: $36| Nonmembers: $45)
  • Cut (Members: $54 | Nonmembers: $67.50)
  • Face or Head Shave (Members: $72 | Nonmembers: $90)
  • Beard Grooming (Members: $72 | Nonmembers: $90)
  • Manicure or Pedicure (Members: $54 | Nonmembers: $67.50)
  • Essential Tea Tree Pedicure (Members: $72 | Nonmembers: $90)
  • Sports Pedicure (Members: $72 | Nonmembers: $90)
  • The Jackhammer Experience (Members: $108| Nonmembers: $135)
  • The Hops and Cedar Experience (Members: $108| Nonmembers: $135)
  • Big Daddy Experience (Members: $108| Nonmembers: $135)
  • The Milk and Honey (Members: $108| Nonmembers: $135)

Join Our Exclusive Membership Program

At Hammer & Nails, it pays to be a Member. We have an exclusive Membership program at each of our locations. Each location restricts the number of people accepted into the program to ensure that we can offer our Members exclusive access, discounted prices, and complimentary amenities. Even better, Membership benefits can be shared with friends and family. Learn more about our male grooming Membership program.

Schedule an Appointment With a Hairstylist Online Now!

Now that you know you have a luxury men’s grooming lounge in your area, you’re probably eager to get in and start enjoying yourself. Well, we can’t wait to meet you. We are located at 1674 W. Lane Ave. #130, Upper Arlington, Ohio. Our men’s grooming lounge is open to guests Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. On Saturdays, we are open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and on Sundays, we are open from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you want to ensure that you don’t have an unexpected wait, you can schedule a men’s grooming lounge appointment online now!

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