07 Feb2022

Luxury Men’s Grooming Lounge in West Hollywood, CA

by Hammer & Nails
Men’s Grooming Lounge in West Hollywood, CA

Live Your Best Life at Hammer & Nails

If you’re a man looking for a place where you can sit back and relax with your hairstylist, Hammer & Nails is the luxury men’s grooming lounge in West Hollywood, California, for you. Have a glass of whiskey and talk to the boys while you get a men’s manicure or men’s pedicure. Learn more about our face, foot, hand, and hair care services.

Make Our Men’s Grooming Lounge Part of Your Night Out

A lot of the guys that visit us make it part of a boy’s night out on the town. There’s nothing like visiting a men’s grooming lounge to level up your look before your night on the town. If you’re visiting the West Hollywood area, some other things you might consider doing include:

  • See your favorite stand-up comedian at one of the famous comedy clubs nearby, like The Comedy Store or the Laugh Factory
  • Hit the clubs and bars on the Sunset Strip
  • Take your picture with WeHo street art, like the Rainbow Sidewalk
  • Visit historic rock and roll sites, like Whisky a Go-Go

Our Services

Tailor-Made Grooming Experiences
Whether you need a quick cut or an extended facial massage, we’ve got you covered. We create a place where you can get tailored experiences based on your needs. Are your feet sore? Then, you should look into our Sports Pedicure. Do you want to feel like you’re in a wild west saloon and get a straight razor shave? Whatever hair care, face care, hand care, or foot care services you can imagine, we offer them. Our men’s grooming services include:

  • The Classic Cut (Members: $55| Nonmembers: $44)
  • Classic Face or Head Shave (Members: $55| Nonmembers: $44)
  • Classic Face Treatment (Members: $55| Nonmembers: $44)
  • Classic Beard Grooming (Members: $55| Nonmembers: $44)
  • Classic Grey Camo (Members: $55| Nonmembers: $44)
  • Classic Manicure or Pedicure (Members: $55| Nonmembers: $44)
  • Cut (Members: $66 | Nonmembers: $82.50)
  • Face or Head Shave (Members: $88 | Nonmembers: $110)
  • Beard Grooming (Members: $88 | Nonmembers: $110)
  • Manicure or Pedicure (Members: $66 | Nonmembers: $82.50)
  • Essential Tea Tree Pedicure (Members: $88| Nonmembers: $110)
  • Sports Pedicure (Members: $88 | Nonmembers: $110)
  • The Jackhammer Experience (Members: $132| Nonmembers: $165)
  • The Hops and Cedar Experience (Members: $132| Nonmembers: $165)
  • Big Daddy Experience (Members: $132| Nonmembers: $165)
  • The Milk and Honey (Members: $132| Nonmembers: $165)

Membership Comes With Benefits

When you visit us on a regular basis, it really pays to be a Member. Being a Member comes with upgraded services, discounts, and, most importantly, drinks. You can share your Membership with family and friends. Learn more about joining our men’s grooming Membership program.

We Are Easy to Find

Visit us at 7141 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 100, West Hollywood, California. We are open from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Mondays and 10:00 a.m. from Tuesday to Sunday.

Schedule Your Men’s Grooming Appointment Online!

If you’re looking for the premier men’s grooming lounge in West Hollywood, you’ve found it. Hammer & Nails has an atmosphere designed for all sorts of men. We welcome anyone and everyone. No matter who you are, our lounge is sure to be your new happy place. You’ll always leave looking better and feeling better. Visit us today or schedule your men’s grooming appointment online!

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