A Grooming Lounge Designed for Men

Your premier destination for men’s grooming experiences, in a relaxed environment, designed with your privacy and comfort in mind.

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Upper Arlington, OH

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With every experience you can expect….

To be greeted by our friendly Member of our concierge team. They will navigate our service offerings with you to design an experience that meets all your grooming needs.

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Luxury and Discretion

Your privacy is our priority. You will receive your own oversized leather chair, big screen tv, and noise cancelling headphones so you can plug in and relax.

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Raise a Glass

We’ll have your favorite brew, spirit, or mixed drink waiting for you, with every cut, shave, manicure, or pedicure visit.

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Opulence You
Can Afford

We offer world-class luxury experiences, without the pretentious price tag. Relax as our dedicated artists deliver treatments infused with high grade essential oils, aromatherapeutic steamed towels, reflexology and massage.

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Quality and Craft

Here you can say “goodbye” to basic. We equip our licensed artists with advanced education and training, premium tools and products, and sanitation procedures that exceed state board standards, delivering a first-class feeling every time.

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Tailored Experiences

We speak the language of quality. Our expertly trained artists collaborate with you to craft a custom look, enhancing your best features while meeting the needs of your lifestyle. You will be educated on products and routines that ensure you love the way you look and feel.

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Escape the Grind

A place designed with you in mind, to recharge alone or connect with community and friends.

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What Your Buddies Are Saying About Us


“I just moved here and found this place on Google. I read a few reviews and decided to take the chance. I'm glad I did! The staff is extremely professional and skilled. There is no doubt that they take customer satisfaction to the upper limit. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. I'm picky about my hair and brows, and I'll never worry about that again as long as I keep coming here. WORTH EVERY PENNY.”


“I joined the club because of the quality of the haircut, the casual vibe, the relaxing experience that they provide, the fact that I can still watch any game I want on TV, and the overall environment. I enjoy a beer, a massage, good conversation, and I feel like a new person when I leave. Definitely give them a try. I bet you'll get hooked”


I tried this barbershop for the first time recently. As someone who needs a cut at least twice a month, I like that it's membership-based, and I get two services a month for less than what I was paying at my previous shop. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, and it's a super cool atmosphere. Highly recommend


“I loved this place. First time ever going. I never had a manicure before but decided to give it a try. It's now in the monthly budget. I can't wait to go back. Definitely recommend!”

Our Specialties

Cut & Shave

Hand & Foot Grooming


Frequently Asked Questions

Appointments are not required to receive services, but they are highly recommended. Walk-ins are always welcomed where our schedule allows, but we cannot guarantee availability without an appointment. We recommend calling ahead to ensure we can see at your ideal time and book you for the services that best fit your needs.

You do not need to be a member to receive our services. Many of our guests choose to become members because they save money while enjoying exclusive perks and discounts on services, products, and more. Click Here to learn more about the benefits of being part of the club.

You will not be charged for a service at the time of booking an appointment. We require a card on file in our secure encrypted system per our cancellation policy. We understand life happens and it can sometimes be tricky to plan your schedule in advance.

We will always confirm your future appointments the day before your service to ensure you still wish to receive this appointment. If you can no longer keep your original appointment time, we ask that you cancel at least 8 hours before your appointment, to prevent a cancellation fee of up to 50%.

Appointments that are missed with no notice, may be charged up to 100% of the service price. Because our concept is appointment based, our cancellation policy helps us better respect your time and that of our other guests.

We offer refreshments to all our guests. A complimentary alcoholic beverage is included with every visit only for our members and first-time guests. In some locations, additional alcoholic beverages may be available for purchase, however it is subject to state laws and may vary by location. Please contact your local Hammer & Nails for specific policies.

We are proud to serve all members of our community. Our concept was founded with the mission to welcome anyone who has ever felt “othered” in a traditional grooming environment. Our services are non-gendered, and anyone is welcome to receive them. Please be aware that we only offer natural nail services and do not offer nail polish or enhancements.

Our Services


Classic Cut
Non-Member $50 | Member $40

Our most classy and stylish haircut. This service is ideal for your regular maintenance cut and includes a shampoo, conditioning scalp massage, and a lavender-infused hot towel for your face. (approx. 30 minutes)

Classic Face / Head Shave
Non-Member $50 | Member $40

Invoke the nostalgia of the good ol’ days. This experience incorporates warm foam, straight razor shave, hot and cold essential oil-infused towels, and a cooling massage to make you look as smooth as you feel. (approx. 30 minutes)

Classic Beard Grooming
Non-Member $50 | Member $40

Show your mug some extra love. Pamper your Abe Lincoln with reshaping, straight razor outlines, lavender oil-infused hot towels, beard conditioning, and styling. (approx. 30 minutes)

Classic Grey Camo
Non-Member $50 | Member $40

Turn back the clock in minutes.Rewind time by adding subtle color and saturation into your salt and pepper blend. With a seamless grow-out, this color will gently fade to keep the camouflage undetectable. (approx. 30 minutes)

Classic Manicure
Non-Member $50 | Member $40

First-rate hand care. This maintenance service includes a warm soak, nail care (clip, file, nip, and buff), hand and forearm massage, and our hot towel wrap. (approx. 30 minutes)

Classic Pedicure
Non-Member $50 | Member $40

Excellent regular foot care. This service is ideal for guests who receive routine foot care. You will enjoy a warm soak, callus maintenance, nail care (clip, file, nip, and buff), foot and calf massage, and our hot towel wrap. (approx. 30 minutes)


Premium Cut
Non-Member $75 | Member $60

Our ultimate cutting experience. This cut includes extra time for complex styles and finishing details. You’ll feel pampered with our straight razor outlines, warm foam, and aftershave massage. Once you love the way you look and feel, we will finish with a shampoo, conditioning scalp massage, and a lavender-infused hot towel for your face. (approx. 45 minutes)

Premium Face / Head Shave
Non-Member $100 | Member $80

A rejuvenating skin treatment and shave. An epic combination of cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration is delivered with warm foam and a straight razor for your face or head. Our charcoal mask, facial massage, and essential oil-infused towels will put you in a trance. (approx. 60 minutes)

Premium Beard Grooming
Non-Member $100 | Member $80

A revitalizing beard shaping and facial massage. We’ll revive your beard with a rich oil massage, reconstruct its shape with crisp razor lines, and make your skin say “ahhh”. This exfoliating cleanser uses a charcoal mask to draw out impurities and ends with a hydrating lavender facial massage.(approx. 60 minutes)

Premium Manicure
Non-Member $75 | Member $60

An indulgent experience with exfoliation and hydration. Enjoy a warm soak,nail care (clip, file, nip and buff), peppermint sugar scrub, massage, warm paraffin, and our hot towel wrap. (approx. 45 minutes)

Premium Pedicure
Non-Member $75 | Member $60

A total foot renewal with ultimate relaxation. This pedicure adds deep hydration and exfoliates skin. Your feet will feel renewed after a warm soak, callus resurfacing, peppermint sugar scrub, massage, nail care (clip, file, nip and buff), warm paraffin, and hot towels. (approx. 45 minutes)

Essential Tea Tree Pedicure
Non-Member $100 | Member $80

For feet needing extra TLC.This Premium Pedicure incorporates a tea tree oil-infused soak and sugar scrub. Additional time is allotted for a reviving foot massage, callus resurfacing, restorative nail care (clip, file, nip and buff), warm paraffin, and our hot towel wrap. (approx. 60 minutes)

Sports Pedicure
Non-Member $100 | Member $80

Sore muscle relief for our most active guests. This specialty PremiumPedicure alternates between a series of hot and cold treatments to promote circulation and ease sore muscles. Your feet will receive a warm soak, callus resurfacing, tea tree oil-infused sugar scrub, nail care (clip, file, nip and buff), hot-stone massage, mint clay mask, hot towel wrap, and a cooling foot balm massage. (approx. 60 minutes)


All Premium Treatments include a MANicure & Pedicure*

The Jack Hammer Experience
Non-Member $150 | Member $120

Rich, liquid-gold from fingers to toes. This is the ultimate Premium Manicure and Pedicure combination for whiskey fanatics. The whiskey-infused service includes warm soak, callus resurfacing, sugar scrub, massage, nail care (clip, file, nip, and buff), warm paraffin, and our hot towel wrap. (approx. 90 minutes)

The Hops And Cedar Experience
Non-Member $150 | Member $120

Beer-lover’s bliss. This Premium Manicure and Pedicure combination will have you walking on clouds. This service includes stout beer and cedarwood oil-infused soak, callus resurfacing, sugar scrub, massage, nail care (clip, file, nip, and buff), warm paraffin, and our hot towel wrap. (approx. 90 minutes)

The Big Daddy Experience
Non-Member $150 | Member $120

Refresh & relax with our most popular hand & foot experience. This clarifying lemon and peppermint-infused Premium Manicure and Pedicure combination includes warm soak, callus resurfacing, sugar scrub, massage, nail care (clip, file, nip, and buff), warm paraffin, and our hot towel wrap. (approx. 90 minutes)

The Milk And Honey
Non-Member $150 | Member $120

Saturate your skin in luxury. This is a magnificently moisturizing Premium Manicure and Pedicure combination. We incorporate a coconut milk-infused soak, callus resurfacing, honey-infused sugar scrub, massage, nail care (clip, file, nip, and buff), warm paraffin, and our hot towel wrap. (approx. 90 minutes)