25 Jan2022

A Men’s Grooming Lounge in Willow Glen, CA

by Hammer & Nails
Men’s Grooming Lounge in Willow Glen, CA

Our Hairstylists Nail It Every Time

Hammer & Nails offers a men’s grooming lounge in Willow Glen, California. We cultivate personalized grooming experiences where men can be comfortable and relaxed. We offer all the male grooming services you might need, from hair care to men’s pedicures. When you visit, you’ll be able to kick up your feet and have a drink while our team of cosmetic artisans goes to work, making you look better than ever. Learn more about our men’s grooming lounge.

An Environment Designed for You

At Hammer & Nails, we offer something different than the traditional men’s hair care shop. You get a luxury experience catered to your tastes every time you visit us. We offer a place where a guy can have a drink, watch some TV, and work with a world-class hairstylist. Some of the things that you can expect when you visit us include:

  • To be greeted by a welcoming concierge when you first enter
  • A private area with an oversized leather chair, big screen TV, and noise-canceling headphones
  • Wet your whistle while you wait with your favorite beer or mixed drink
  • Top-shelf services that don’t break the bank
  • Some of the top hair stylists in the world
  • Personalized experiences designed just for you

Our Services

Hammer & Nail’s Grooming Experiences
We don’t just offer haircuts. We offer personalized experiences. In our lounge, you have access to several packaged experiences, whether you need to camouflage those salt-and-pepper patches in your beard or need to help your feed recover from a rough day on the job. No matter what male grooming services you need, you can expect a private atmosphere, luxury amenities, and masterful hairstylists. Our male grooming services include:

  • The Classic Cut (Members: $48| Nonmembers: $60)
  • Classic Face or Head Shave (Members: $48| Nonmembers: $60)
  • Classic Face Treatment (Members: $48| Nonmembers: $60)
  • Classic Beard Grooming (Members: $48| Nonmembers: $60)
  • Classic Grey Camo (Members: $48| Nonmembers: $60)
  • Classic Manicure or Pedicure (Members: $48| Nonmembers: $60)
  • Cut (Members: $72 | Nonmembers: $90)
  • Face or Head Shave (Members: $96 | Nonmembers: $120)
  • Beard Grooming (Members: $96 | Nonmembers: $120)
  • Manicure or Pedicure (Members: $72 | Nonmembers: $90)
  • Essential Tea Tree Pedicure (Members: $96| Nonmembers: $120)
  • Sports Pedicure (Members: $96 | Nonmembers: $120)
  • The Jackhammer Experience (Members: $144| Nonmembers: $180)
  • The Hops and Cedar Experience (Members: $144| Nonmembers: $180)
  • Big Daddy Experience (Members: $144| Nonmembers: $180)
  • The Milk and Honey (Members: $144| Nonmembers: $180)

Members Get VIP Treatment

If you enjoy being treated like a king, you should apply to our exclusive Membership program. We limit the number of Members accepted at each location, so we can guarantee a higher level of service to each member. The perks of being a Member include preferential scheduling, complimentary amenities, and reduced pricing.

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