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Feel good. look good. Don’t go broke!

Taking care of your grooming needs every month, without breaking your bank, is a top priority for us. Don’t get us wrong. We’d be happy to charge you full fare every time you come in but we’d rather save you some cash and see you more often. To do that, we’ve created a membership plan tailored to meet your needs. For one low monthly fee, you can choose two services per month from these three: haircut, manicure, pedicure.  Want one haircut one manicure this month? We got you. Does your hair require more regular visits to keep it lined up? We got you there, too. Get two haircuts. Maybe you only want to get those hands and feet taken care of by our amazing nail technicians. Not a problem. You get to make the choices that are gonna keep you sorted month in and month out. The benefits are great, too, and there’s no long term commitment. Tell the receptionist you’re ready to get started and she’ll get you hooked up.

Visit your local shop today to enroll and begin experiencing the great savings and awesome benefits Hammer & Nails Membership has to offer.